Don’t Let Excellence Get in the Way of Progress


Don’t Let Excellence Get in the Way of Progress

Striving for excellence is a common aspiration for many individuals, but fixating solely on it can sometimes impede personal growth. In this writing, we will delve into the notion that gauging excellence with a distorted yardstick can stifle progress and explore avenues to foster growth by relinquishing certain notions.

What is Excellence?

Excellence denotes being exceptional, superior, or distinguished in a particular area. It is an umbrella term encompassing diverse spheres of life, including education, work, personal development, and relationships. While aiming for excellence is commendable, overemphasizing it may prove detrimental.

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 Distorted Scale of Excellence

Evaluating one’s achievements using a distorted measure can result in unattainable goals and excessive pressure. Such unrealistic standards can breed feelings of insufficiency, self-questioning, and exhaustion. Thus, acknowledging when adopting a distorted yardstick of excellence is vital to recalibrate one’s expectations more reasonably.

Unrealistic Expectations

Experiencing unreasonable self-expectations can stem from societal norms, the desire for perfection, or the habit of comparing oneself to others. Recognizing that each person possesses unique strengths and limitations is vital, and it is not necessary to excel in every facet of existence.


Measuring excellence on a distorted scale can also lead to self-doubt. Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself and failing to meet them can create a cycle of self-criticism and negative self-talk. This can be detrimental to personal growth and can hinder progress.


Additionally, fixating on excellence may result in burnout. Continuously pursuing perfection can cause a disregard for self-preservation, repose, and leisure. This disregard can lead to both bodily and mental fatigue, which can hinder one’s personal growth and progress.

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 The Importance of Progress

Progress is the backbone of success. The continuous pursuit of progress ignites our desire to exceed our limits and reach new heights. Thus, making progress should always take precedence, even if it means sacrificing perfection.

The Perfectionism Trap

Perfectionism is a trap that many of us fall into. We set unrealistic standards for ourselves and strive for nothing less than perfection. While this may seem noble, it can often hinder progress. When we are so focused on achieving perfection, we tend to overlook the bigger picture. We get bogged down in minor details and must catch up on our goals.

Opening Yourself up to Growth

To open yourself up to growth, you must let go of certain things hindering progress. Here are some things you can let go of:

Fear of Failure

One thing you should consider letting go of is the fear of failure. Failure is an unavoidable part of life and can provide valuable learning opportunities. Rather than shying away from failure, embrace it as a chance to develop and gain insights.


Perfectionism is another trait that you can shed. While striving for excellence is commendable, aiming for perfection can impede personal growth. Perfectionism can create unrealistic expectations, causing self-doubt and burnout.

Comparison to Others

Comparing yourself to others can also stifle your personal growth. Rather than fixating on what others are doing, focus on your journey and progress. Each person has unique strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate your own.

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 The Benefits of Embracing Progress

Embracing progress can bring numerous benefits. It allows us to move forward, take risks, and learn from our mistakes. Progress can also lead to new opportunities, both personally and professionally. When we prioritize progress, we become more adaptable and open to change. Our fear of failure or desire for perfection no longer holds us back.


The pursuit of excellence should never hinder progress. While excellence is undoubtedly essential, progress should always be the top priority. We can learn, grow, and achieve our goals by embracing progress. So, let us all strive for progress and let excellence follow in its wake.

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