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The Power of No – The Best Sales Tactic In this video, I’m going to teach you the power of no. When it comes to sales training and sales tactics, people tend to emphasize the importance of yes. But there’s one simple word that can generate you more sales. Can you guess what it is?

let me first tell you a quick story on why you should be telling people no.

In sales, you’re going to have so many people being like “Hey Neil, I need a discount” or “Can you also do this?”

And you’re also going to even have any existing clients like “Oh, you’re doing amazing job can I also have this?” “Can you also reduce your price?” “Can you also help with this other thing that you don’t provide services for but I expect you to do them for free?”

The moment you keep saying yes and yes and yes to people, they realize like “Oh, I can keep asking for the world and you’re going to give it!”

Your margins are going to go down, you’re going to be miserable, the clients are going to get upset with you, because you’re not going to be able to produce good results due the fact that you’re helping them with stuff that you don’t specialize in.

But the moment you say you no, they’re going to not only respect you but they’re going to be paying you more money. So let’s get into some tips.

1. When someone asks you for a discount, or ask you to do more than what you’re contractually obligated for, say no.

If they want something super small and you want to go above and beyond to create amazing customer experience, of course you can say yes, or surprise them. But it should be on your own terms.

Clients shouldn’t be demanding this from you. It should be up to you, not them.

So the moment people ask you for a discount, say no. There’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s like dating. The moment you go after someone and they keep saying yes to everything, you’re going to get over them.

You’re not going to be attracted to them anymore. The moment something plays hard-to-get you’re like “Oh my god, I’m in love!”

That’s how it works in sales. You need to start saying no.

Second tip for you, follow up with why. When someone asks you for a discount I’ll tell them “No, I can’t give you a discount, I wish I would but my margins are razor-thin and if you want a discount I can give you one, but I’m going to have to give you less services which means you’re not going to get the results that you’re expecting”.

By explaining why you’re telling them no, they’re going to be like “Oh, that makes sense Neil. Sounds good to me!”

It really is that simple. It’s not that complicated.

The third tip I have for you is start using no in your workplace. When your boss, your co-workers ask you for something that is unreasonable, like a deadline that you can’t meet, start saying no. But don’t be mean to your co-workers and mean to your boss.

Don’t say no because you’re lazy. If you can put in a few extra hours of overtime, even if you’re not getting paid for it, do it.

That’s what a team player does. A company takes care of you, you take care of the company by putting them first as well.

That could either be cutting down the scope, or you change how you’re doing it. You’re getting a bit creative, but when you’re dealing with co-workers and your boss, it’s not just about saying no, it’s about giving them a solution.

By giving them a solution they’re going to respect you, they’re going to be like “Oh, awesome! Neil really cares for the business. He’s trying to help me out”

And by helping your co-workers out, you’re not going to have issues with them. You’re going to rise up the ranks and you’re going to do better in the corporate world.

It’s that simple.

Seriously, some of my sales guys, they’re so good at saying no now that when a client asks some for a discount they’ll just say no, and they don’t even follow up with the reason.

They’re just like “No, we’re not going to do it. This is what it’s going to take to give you the results.

If you want something that’s less, we’re not the right company for you.” The moment you put your foot down, that’s one people will start respecting you.

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