How Books Can Make You More Money Even If You Don’t Read Them | Neil Patel

How Books Can Make You More Money Even If You Don't Read Them How books can make you more money even if you don’t read them.

This strategy will help you make more money by leveraging books. You’ll learn the process of creating a marketing funnel by giving away a FREE book and providing them value.

The first thing you have to do is write a book. If you don’t write a book there’s no offer for you to give. And that book needs to be related to any product or service that you already sell. If you don’t have time to write a book you can always hire a ghostwriter. Or another strategy that you can do that I’ve seen companies leverage is they’ll white label other people’s books. In other words, they’re buying the rights to it. And they’re not buying popular ones you’re just taking other people’s e-books that aren’t as popular and they’re buying the rights to it and changing out the name. I myself enjoy writing ’em myself but, if you’re a bit lazy and you don’t want to do that you can leverage to other strategies.

Second thing you needed to do is don’t print a book. Printing books are very expensive. You don’t want to have all the storage costs and actually have to pay for shipping. Make digital e-books and as well pay someone to read the book or can do it yourself and create an audio version of it. That way people can get the books on tape version of it for free of course.

Third I want you to drive people to a landing page that has this free book that’s gonna help ’em out in what ever service or product that you have and this book should of course be related to it. For example, I’m a marketer, I help companies get more traffic, so my book could be on cutting-edge techniques that’ll teach you how to double your traffic in 60 days. And by giving away that book as well as the audio version for free in that landing page, all they have to do is pay for handling. They’ll end up getting that book and when they get that book as well as the audio file they won’t have issues because they’re not paying for shipping but they’re just paying $3 for handling and downloading the files and the server costs which people will have no issues with.

And then the next thing you have to do is a pawn. Offer a checkout bump. A checkout bump is a little simple tick box. It’s a irresistible offer before the buy button that allows people to spend more money with you. So for example, my ebook was on Crazy Ways To Double Your Search Traffic Within 60 Days or whatever it’s called. My checkout bump could be a tool that helps you get the results faster for a one-time fee of $20 or $50. Some people will take you up on the offer, not everyone.

Then I want you to offer upsells and downsells. Once people buy and they’re already in the flow get ’em to buy more from you. Whether they take the checkout bump or not you can upsell services, other products. By having more upsells and downsells and ideally three, you’ll be able to squeeze more revenue out of each and every single visitor. That’s how you get it profitable because if you’re spending $10, $20 for every single customer you need more offers in your funnel to make it profitable.

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