How to Survive Your Graphic Design Job: 5 Tips for In House Designers

Getting Hired as a Graphic Designer is One Thing, Keeping Your Job and Sanity is Another… Becoming a Graphic Designer and Being Successful Means Navigating the Workplace.

Getting a Job as a Graphic Designer may seem difficult, but you’ll find the real difficult part of your graphic design career is maintaining your job and staying sane, especially if you work with and for non creatives.

Graphic Designers and creative professionals in general have it rough on the job because they are expected to conform when their job actually requires them to think, work and behave differently than everyone else. This can be extremely stressful, especially if you have your own internal issues.

More often than not, you will find your creative decisions undermined or underappreciated. Sometimes in your design career you will have choices presented to you that go against good design or even some of your personal standards.

Essentially you have to learn to get along with others, communicate with non-designers, and suck it up when creative decisions are not the priority.

Learn to pick your battles, learn to accept situations as they come, and understand you may have to create leverage to leave your position to get where you want in your graphic design career, whether is is a better in house position or leaving to another company with more opportunity and a better work culture.

Graphic Design Jobs may seem hard to come by in this harsh economy but try to avoid taking design jobs that don’t have the right work culture and opportunities to advance if you want to be happy working as a graphic designer long term.


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